Complete Taxi Booking Solution

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Our taxi app has been made to do what it should do without any hassle or cost more than it’s original price tag. Compared to other solution it offers greater quality, exceptional performance and reliability, being a lot easier to install and most important of all being practical and usable. You can try the demo and see for yourself. With it’s vast options set you can customize app in the way you want it to perform both on server and client side.

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  • Easy selection of origin and destination.
  • Selection of service you want to be provided for you. (Dynamic)
  • Select driver between drivers picked by server intelligently and accepted to do your ride.
  • Real-time location of driver during travel
  • Request operator call or direct call.
  • Write review on your travel.
  • Add credit your account during or before travel.
  • See real-time statistics about your trip
  • pay fee of travel in cash or credit

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