MPESA WooCommerce Plugin for Paybill Numbers – Multiple Sites License


MPESA WooCommerce plugin is an easy to use plug and play WordPress plugin that supports STKPush and has a fallback option for the traditional Paybill manual entry

All you need to start using it are your Secret, consumer and MPESA Pass Keys from Safaricom developer portal https://developer.safaricom.co.ke

Easily Add M-Pesa Mobile Mobile Money Option in your WooCommerce/WordPress  website.

How to Install?

Our MPESA WooCommerce plugin currently only supports WooCommerce, that means the WooCommerce PlugIn must be installed and activated before activating MPESA

  • Upload the “M-PESA WooCommerce Plugin”  files to your  /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Click on Settings, enter your MPESA Consumer Key, MPESA Consumer Secret, your MPESA Paybill Number, your MPESA Passkey and click on save settings
  • Start receiving payments directly to your MPESA Paybill straight from your website.

Manual Payment

Our plugin supports manual fallback option in case STK push doesnt work for your simcard. Simply enter the paybill number and order number, then enter your amount and check out

Custom Integrations

If you would like to have us do custom MPESA integrations on your website, please email us at info(at)futurevh.com


Please email us at info(at)futurevh.com